Lion The King

Lion The King

Janda Pai Kapiraju

N/A N/A Hindi Dubbed

IMDb 7.0/10 53 votes

21 Mar 2015



Lion The King (Janda Pai Kapiraju) 2015 Full Hindi Dubbed Movie

Arvind who came to the city from a rural area, is a naive employee in a company. He cannot tolerate corruption, bribert, breaking rules, lavishness and the urban culture of youth in cities. He is caught by traffic police for a minor mistake through not of his own. Although he has all documents with him, he is asked a bribe by traffic policeman. When he refuses to pay the bribe, a complaint is booked against him and he is sentenced by the court, even though he complains about the bribe.

Finally he does a sting operation with 2 of his friends and 10 honest employees in various government offices by applying for identy cards like PAN card, voter card, ration card for an anonymous person.

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