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09 Oct 2015



Jazbaa Full Movie Bluray Watch Online With English Subtitles

Prominent criminal lawyer Anuradha Verma’s daughter is abducted, and the abductor informs her that the only way she will ever see her daughter again is by defending a convicted felon, charged with brutally raping and murdering a young woman. The abductor watches Anuradha’s every move, forces her to comply and orchestrates a perfect crime by outwitting the police. Anuradha’s friend Yohan, a suspended policeman with disregard for old rules, is too tangled up in his own mess to help her. The prosecutor is a longtime rival who is determined to defeat Anuradha professionally. Anuradha has only seven days before the trial ends and race against time and corruption to save her daughter. Jazbaa hindi full movie dvdrip, Jazbaa watch hindi movie online hd, Jazbaa 2015 download full movie

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