Jai Ho

Jai Ho

Jai Ho

N/A 135 min Hindi Movies

IMDb 5.4/10 12,237 votes

24 Jan 2014

5 nominations.


Jai Ho 2014 Full Movie BluRay With English Subtitles

Jai (Salman Khan), an ex-army officer, is passionate about helping people and overcomes criminals single-handedly. He was a major in the Indian Army, but was suspended because of a disciplinary action after he ignored the orders of the high command and went ahead to rescue a bunch of children from terrorists. He now lives with his mother (Nadira Babbar) as well as his sister Geeta (Tabu), whom are not on speaking terms with each other since Geeta married a Muslim man against her mother’s wish. Jai once helped a physically disabled girl, Suman (Genelia D’Souza) to write her examination, but on another day, during one of her other examinations, no one turned up to help, despite her persistent begging. Depressed, Suman commits suicide, by jumping of the building. Disturbed by this incident, Jai feels that unlike himself, people don’t help others and hence plans to start a network system that works on the concept that everyone should help three people and should ask them to help three more people and so on. Jai believes that this network will help develop a better attitude among the people but faces disappointment. One day, Jai beats a rich man who injured a child beggar. To take revenge, the rich man employs some goons who take Jai’s sister Geeta and friend Rinky (Daisy Shah) into their custody. Jai saves them and breaks the hand of a goon who happens to be the henchman of an MLA (Mukul Dev), who is also the son-in-law of Home Minister Dashrat Singh (Danny Denzongpa). The Home Minister takes it as a prestige issue and tries to avenge Jai by kidnapping his nephew but loses his son-in-law (Mukul Dev) in the process. When the Chief Minister Ashok Pradhan (Mohnish Bahl) comes to know about Jai’s concept, as his own life was saved by a school girl, he intervenes to bring in a patch-up between Jai and Dashrat Singh. Instead, Dashrat Singh plans to kill him and frame Jai in the murder. But Jai runs away with the injured Chief Minister and saves him. Dashrat Singh’s son Arjun Singh (Haroon Qazi) along with his goons attack Jai. Jai kills him but gets severely injured after getting hit by a knife that was punched in his back by Dashrat’s daughter (Sana Khan) before he killed Arjun. A rickshaw driver (Mahesh Manjrekar) and army officer and former colleague Arjun Kaul (Sunil Shetty) help him to get to the hospital. Meanwhile, Dashrat Singh spreads the rumour in the media that Jai was responsible for trying to kill the Chief Minister but finally the Chief Minister recovers and reveals the truth leading to a crowd beating Dashrat Singh. Finally, the doctors successfully save Jai. Jai comes to know that his help-three-people concept worked well and the same concept saved his life. He walks out of the hospital to find thousands of people waiting for him and he thanks them all for making his concept a success. The plot of the story gives a message among the youth that one must practice and follow goodness. SEO: Jai Ho 2014 Full Movie BluRay With English Subtitles, Jai Ho full movie with eng subs, Jai Ho download full movie online, Jai Ho download full movie online

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