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IMDb 7.6/10 14,143 votes

21 Feb 2014

4 wins & 10 nominations.


Highway Hindi Full Movie BluRay With English Subtitles

The story begins on the eve of the wedding of Veera Tripathi (Alia Bhatt), the daughter of a rich business tycoon. She is at a Fuel Station by the highway with her fiancĂ© when she is abducted. The gang who kidnaps her panics when they find out that her father has links in the government. However, Mahabir Bhati (Randeep Hooda), one of her abductors, is willing to do whatever it takes to see this through. They continuously move to different cities, to avoid being tracked by police. As the days go by, Veera finds peace and a new-found freedom in her bondage to the point that she confides in him of her troubled childhood. Her fear of abduction is taken over by a sense of freedom. sigma the police forcefully search the truck, but Veera, surprisingly even to herself, hides. Veera confesses to Mahabir about her home where her uncle molested her, a fact which was hushed up by her mother. She concludes that she loves the journey and doesn’t want to go back to her life. Eventually, Mahabir can’t help but care for Veera and his anger fades slowly, and he decides to let her go free. But, Veera refuses and insists on staying with Mahabir. Mahabir takes her back, and together, they travel; they make a home in a hilltop house. The following morning, a shootout starts as police have tracked them down. Mahabir is shot dead on the spot, while a shocked Veera is returned to her parents. With the courage and perspective she developed in her journey, Veera tells her family the truth about her abusive uncle and her desire of not living with them anymore. She leaves the house and goes to live in the mountains. She gets a job in a factory there, buys a house and lives there. The film ends by Veera looking at the mountains then looking at the sky and closes her eyes thinking about Mahabir. SEO: Highway Hindi Full Movie BluRay With English Subtitles, Highway full movie online, Highway download hindi full movie, Highway full movie online download

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