Hasee Toh Phasee

Hasee Toh Phasee

Hasee Toh Phasee

NOT RATED 141 min Hindi Movies

IMDb 7.0/10 8,590 votes

07 Feb 2014

14 nominations.


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Nikhil (Sidharth Malhotra) is a struggling businessman whose girlfriend Karishma (Adah Sharma) is an actress. Nikhil is a guy who believes that once you are committed to a girl, there should be no straying. Karishma asks Nikhil to arrange ₹50 million (US$750,000) before marriage, which is 7 days later, to earn a contract.

In the mean time, Nikhil meets Meeta (Parineeti Chopra), Karishma’s younger sister, with whom he had a brief encounter 7 years ago. Meeta, who is an IITian in Chemical Engineering and PhD., is a super intelligent geek with unusual behaviour and habits, who ran away 7 years ago to China after stealing money from her own father, leading to his heart attack. Now, just a week before Nikhil and Karishma’s wedding, Meeta turned up to meet her father, but Karishma was scared that her sister’s sudden appearance might ruin their wedding. Hence, Karishma assigns Nikhil to keep Meeta away from her father (Manoj Joshi).

Meeta has returned with an intention to steal again but her involvement with Nikhil during the next 7 days diverted her attention. During these 7 days, with many personal and social activities, both Nikhil and Meeta generate feelings for each other, but Nikhil backs off as he doesn’t want to betray Karishma. Meanwhile, Nikhil comes to know that for her research Meeta has taken a heavy loan of ₹100 million (US$1.5 million) from a Chinese investor by forging her father’s signature. The deadline for payback was over and an extension of three days was given during which she has to steal money from her father’s account to save him from the investor’s goons. Nikhil helps Meeta to hack her father’s account but advises her to apologize to her family. Meeta reunites with her family and later Nikhil understood that he is marrying the wrong girl.

Meeta couldn’t gather the courage to steal her father’s money and tells her father everything about her research and the loan amount along with her real intention to return which was to steal money. Her father forgives her and provides her the money. On the other hand, Nikhil recalls the time he spent with Meeta and tries to meet her. Meeta who had already moved to her father’s house could not be contacted as her family members, who were under the impression that Nikhil wanted to meet Karishma, stopped him as he seemed clingy. Later, Nikhil talked with Meeta on the phone during which he conveys that he should have gone with her to Goa, when she asked him to come with her during her stealing stint 7 years ago. Meeta tells him that it is not too late for them to run away to Goa.

In the night, when Nikhil comes to Meeta’s house with a motive to run away with her, he sees the happy faces of Karishma with her family from a distance and realizing the complications, returned to his home. Meeta calls Nikhil to her house late night and Nikhil meets her on the terrace of her house. Nikhil scolds Meeta when she offered to run away with him. Nikhil says that he is an emotional fool and cannot torture Karishma even though Karishma had emotionally tortured him throughout his life. Nikhil leaves her and later repented for his actions.

On the wedding day, Meeta leaves her house after silently returning the mobile phone inside Karishma’s room and did not contact anyone as she does not want to be stopped. Nikhil tries to contact her but her phone was inside Karishma’s room in vibrate mode. He also sent many messages all of which went unnoticed. He gets ready for the wedding although he is not very enthusiastic about it.

When Nikhil reached Meeta’s house for his wedding with Karishma, Meeta’s father informs Nikhil that Meeta has left silently, knowing fully well that Meeta left because Nikhil was marrying someone else. Nikhil tries to contact her again but is unknown to the fact that Meeta has returned the phone that Karishma had given to her. Karishma notices the phone, reads the messages and realizes that she had lost Nikhil. She asks Nikhil to run away from the wedding which he obliged with her father fully supporting her decision. Meanwhile, Meeta could not gather the courage to leave Nikhil and returned to the wedding for a last effort to win him back. When Nikhil was running away from the wedding ceremony he finds Meeta standing outside. Finally, both express their love towards each other.

The movie ends with Nikhil and Meeta at an airport, scheduled to travel to Germany, where Meeta tells him that there is another problem waiting for them there.

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