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IMDb 6.7/10 11,509 votes

27 Aug 2004

11 wins & 22 nominations.


Dhoom 2004 Hindi Full Movie BluRay With English Subtitles The story starts in the city of Mumbai where a motorbike gang starts breaking into banks and other public places and vanishing on Western Express Highway. Assistant Commissioner of Police Jai Dixit (Abhishek Bachchan), a no-nonsense cop, is called inside the case. Dixit seeks the help of a thief named Ali (Uday Chopra) and devises a trap to catch the gang, but it fails. Kabir (John Abraham), the leader of the gang, eventually taunts Dixit by saying that he couldn’t catch him even if he was right in front of him. He is proven correct and the failure of Dixit seemingly leads to the break-up of his partnership with Ali. Kabir lures Ali into his gang to take place of Rohit, the gang member who was killed by ACP Dixit. Ali falls in love with Sheena (Esha Deol), another gang member. The gang later goes to Goa to perform one last big heist before becoming disbanded forever. Kabir now sets his eyes on the biggest casino in all of India. Kabir and his gang swiftly loot the casino on New Year’s Eve, but soon they realize that Dixit has led them right into a trap. Ali was working for Dixit the whole time and a fight ensues. Kabir manages to escape from ACP Dixit and goes back to the gang’s truck where Ali has tied up Sheena. Kabir then viciously beats up Ali for his betrayal, but Ali is saved by the timely arrival of Dixit. The gang flees, except for Sheena, while Dixit and Ali give chase. All the other gang members except Kabir are killed by Dixit and Ali. Kabir tries to escape on his bike. He is cornered by Dixit and Ali with nowhere to go, Kabir then repeats his taunt by claiming that Dixit couldn’t catch him even if he was in front of him and rides his bike off the cliff. Jai Dixit then says that he and Kabir would have been friends had Kabir not been a thief and the film ends with Dixit and Ali bickering as usual. It is also hinted that Sheena would be arrested. However, the film doesn’t confirm whether Kabir died after he drove off the cliff but considering he landed directly into water, chances are he would still be alive. Dhoom 2004 Hindi Full Movie BluRay With English Subtitles, Dhoom hindi movie online, Dhoom download full movie online hd, Dhoom hindi movie watch online hd

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